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Books for 'Older' Readers

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Because we never stop reading...

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"Caroline James is a terrific writer with a wonderful sense of humour whose book is sure to cheer up even the most dismal of days! A first-rate read that I highly recommend. The Best Boomerville is a must-read for readers everywhere!"


Author Profile Swimmers

"On a cold rainy day I read this book from cover to cover and found myself mentally slipping into the pool and becoming acquainted with by a remarkable group of characters. The book is full of insights as the Silver Swimmers help each other deal with the ups and downs of life and rediscover a sense of purpose."

Clare Maxwell Hudson

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"If you enjoy romance, suspense, and a vivid sense of time and place with beautifully drawn detail, you’re going to love this one – much as I did."

Welsh Annie

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"A funny, intelligent and sassy look at the friendships between women of a more mature age. An enjoyable and highly entertaining romp!”  Joanne Robertson

Letting Go
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"One of the best books I've read in a long time. Beautifully written and a very sensitive observation of the frailties of human life."

M. Fawell

Author Profile Countess
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"I really enjoyed this historical romance with a good deal of mystery thrown in - really impressive dialogue that really makes the time period come alive. Definitely a good read!"


Author Profile Enemies
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This book is beautifully written and brings the characters and locations to life in an engaging way. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maggie Christensen 

Author Profile Confirmation
More Details Farrell
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"I loved this novel. After a slow start, the style reminded me of William Nicholson. This was an exploration of character and relationships- friendships, family and romantic - and the positives and negatives they bring. The end brought the novel full circle with beauty and pathos."

 Amy Jones.

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"This book is so much fun, although it is a paranormal romance without the romance. I absolutely loved Sophronia. She has a very distinct voice, not to mention a touch of arrogance when it comes to being the older witch....."

Book Gannet

Author Profile Cornish

"An engaging tale of grief, loss, love and family intrigue  wonderful story, and a real page-turner, which leads the reader through all the twists and turns of a well-constructed plot. I loved the insightful descriptions of family relationships, the fully realised characters and the various locations in which the action takes place. Seldom have I read such a poignant and faithful account of the effects of bereavement. I can’t wait to read more."          

Caroline Lockeouble

More Details Author Profile Queenie
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"Laughed out loud at this, but it also made me think. A modern version of

the ancient Greek version of democracy, it really could work here... Funny,

thoughtful, a great book"

Hazel Tearne

Author Profile bats

"Sixties something retirees who love camping! My hubby and I pretty much fit this description. Throw in a double murder, a tornado warning in the middle of the night, and an abduction all in one weekend and you have a book with more action than most. Very well written. Characters so likeable, I wish I could really meet them. I definitely recommend this one to all cozy lovers."

Beverly Cooley

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More Details Vodka
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"Coffee and Vodka is a rich story, with moments of brilliance, that stays with us."

Dr. Mimi Thebo

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"The strong leading character and sidekick are both well drawn, with convincing dialogue, and a crime that keeps you guessing to the end. I will be reading more in this series."

Debbie Young.

" A great read, a book you can get lost in. A big story, with big themes, from an intimate perspective"  

Ingenue Magazine

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